Productivity Capability

S4M provides productivity and capability solutions for manufacturing companies in the process and packaging area, as well as engineering services for any equipment or systems sold. Using our exclusive Capability V-Chart, your underperforming lines or processes can be optimized for more capacity. S4M also offers operating instructions and training.


By using our thorough and tested methods, S4M determines the capabilities of each machine in a given line. Compared with the actual running speed, this method highlights not only the packaging line production capability but provides a different look at other processes that affect capability and efficiency. We also look at other metrics that can decrease your efficiencies:

  • Employee schedules
  • Maintenance/Cleaning routines
  • Changeovers

The end product is a presentation and report that identifies the key areas that slow down production. In previous studies, we have found cases where 35% of every day’s time was lost (most of which was preventable).

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