Auctions & Liquidations


S4M acts as the exclusive agent for selected companies in managing Liquidation and Idle Asset equipment sales. Here, we believe that top dollar can be achieved for used equipment and we have the tools to do it. Our extensive network worldwide, and especially Latin America, allows for targeted marketing to interested customers. We can handle any size liquidation project, from a single item up to an entire plant operation. We also have a proven track record for liquidating complete plants.

S4M has a long history of complete plant sales and plant liquidations so we know how to do it and will handle it efficiently for your plant. It’s not easy to recapture the most out of your investment, but we know how to get top dollar for your equipment.



Plant Liquidations

  1. Catalog Equipment
  2. Launch Marketing Campaign
  3. Sell Equipment Within Time-frame
  4. Auction Remaining Equipment
  5. Salvage and Demolish Facility (If Required)