Asset Management

Your Problem  

Companies typically have many pieces of used equipment sitting idle at one or more locations.  It is difficult to keep track of what you have where, in what condition, with what value.

Our Solution

S4M will catalog YOUR equipment, value it, and help keep track of it for you.  This allows your company to focus on doing what it does best.  Our online interface allows you to quickly find the equipment you need and put it to use fast!

  • Catalog Equipment
  • Custom Database
  • Interface with facilities for easy asset sales or relocation

Manage Your Surplus Equipment

With equipment spread over several locations, it is difficult to find and put into use a specific surplus item. This can lead to loss of value in equipment as it weathers outside or becomes obsolete. It also means a drain on those employees tasked with locating the equipment.

Using our custom-designed database, we track exactly what you have, what it looks like including photos, what the important details about it are, and most importantly, WHERE it is.  Users can securely access this data on a private website quickly and easily, saving time and money.

Program Benefits

  • Immediate market values for surplus equipment
  • Easy sale of unwanted surplus equipment
  • Control and tracking
  • Redeploying equipment vs. purchasing new
  • Finding new internal uses vs. disposal of equipment
  • Reducing storage costs
  • Saving on logistics costs
  • Private Online Catalog
  • Present Valuation
  • Custom Database
  • Low-Hassle