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Our market valuation program uses several methods to determine the fair market value of your assets.  Market value is defined as the dollar amount that could be achieved for a piece of equipment or a system assuming reasonable advertising and after a reasonable time on the market (usually less than 1 year).

Can LineThe assessment takes into account:

Equipment Price When New

The new price is useful in assessing overall value and quality of equipment when purchased. This will have less of an impact as the age increases.

Condition and Age

Both are vital to assess the value of the equipment. Condition includes a determination if the equipment is in operation or can be put into operating condition with no effort versus if it will need repairs or modifications to make it operational. Visual appearance and cleanliness is important. This factor addresses the quality of the product if the equipment is running. Determine, as best as possible, the level of maintenance the equipment has received over its life and the degree of reliability the equipment is likely to have.

Availability on the Market

This factor looks at the supply-demand aspect of the value. We determine what the demand for this equipment is versus the number of similar items currently on the market. The value will differ greatly for an item with high demand that is difficult to acquire versus low demand and high supply. It assesses the breadth of the market of those seeking such a piece of equipment.

Probability of Sale

Based on all the attributes listed. This factor evaluates value/condition and supply/demand versus customers who will purchase. It ultimately drives what sales price is attached to a piece of equipment for a sale to occur in a reasonable period of time. Note that some pieces of equipment are highly specialized and only have a value to a small group of people at a particular time.

Removal and Loading of Equipment

Accessibility of equipment can impact the value as well. If a particular item is difficult to remove or load, then the value is decreased as a buyer will not pay as much for it.

We can conduct appraisals on a small or large scale ranging from a single piece of equipment up to an entire plant. Once the appraisal is complete, we can also help you sell or manage the assets effectively.

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